Senior Showcase

2015_showcaseThe Senior Showcase was created in the fall of 2013 as a direct response to senior year theatre students who expressed the desire and need to gain a clearer sense of their perceived “type” and current trends in the industry in order to better prepare themselves for auditioning for professional job opportunities. After visiting several professional acting studios and talking with various industry representatives, it was decided we would collaborate with the Actors Connection in New York City to establish an annual showcase of senior work and professional training workshops. For the past two springs the showcase and workshops have taken place in New York, NY however we are currently exploring the possibility of also including a collaborative program with Actors Connection, Los Angeles.

Students who want to participate in the program begin preparations the fall semester prior to the March showcase. Many students select to receive Independent Study credit for the project that is lead by Tamara Meneghini. Students meet once per week as a group and additionally meet individually with their selected acting coach. In most cases, Ms. Meneghini serves as the acting coach as well as the faculty advisor for the project.

Project preparations include:

  • Guiding the group through careful research and consideration of professional workshops to be taken in subsequent days following performance showcase.
  • Advising each student on preparing at least one of either the UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) or PACE (Professional and Academic Conference Endowment) grant as made possible at the University of Colorado Boulder for undergraduate student funding opportunities.
  • Researching and identifying appropriate performance material for each individual student based on student type and abilities.
  • Creating initial postcard and marketing materials for showcase invites.
  • Coordinating all accommodation contracts and arrangements.
  • Preparing all showcase agent and industry “packets”.
  • Coordinating individual headshot and group photo session.
  • Advising students on creation of professional resume and 3-4 minute performance showcase “package”.
  • Serve as primary university contact between Actors Connection, agents, and students.

As the student acting coach, responsibilities include:

  • Meeting individually with each student to determine types of material that best suites their perceived “type”.
  • Provide students with resources for finding good material.
  • Serve as primary acting coach once material has been determined. This entails working through beats, moments, movement, and clarity.
  • Honestly communicate with student best ways of presentation and interviewing techniques.
  • Mentor students through the process.

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