Great Goddess Bazaar

The Great Goddess Bazaar, originally titled The Goddess Here – Women of Choice, was written by Chicago award-winning playwright, David Rush and directed by Jane Page for Tammy Meneghini as part of an ongoing collaboration in the exploration of choice, consequence, and character, specifically of women. The show features at least eight, sometimes nine, of a more than thirty-monologue collection, that spans a wide range of female archetypes and voices, offering a captivating exploration of the kinds of masks one wears.

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The Great Goddess Bazaar Tour Video (click to play) – square product theater | Great Goddess Here Promotional Video (click to play) – Nebraska Repertory Theatre and Boulder Fringe Festival.

The Great Goddess Bazaar

The Great Goddess Bazaar

The original idea for this project came out of my own fascination with the Rasaboxes™, a series of exercises created by Richard Schechner and the East Coast Artists. I had been introduced to the work one summer while I was working in New York at the Actors Movement Studio.

I became incredibly interested in the level of commitment, range, athleticism and abundant joy present in the work. As one who is both an actor and teacher, I am continually intrigued by how to fully engage the artist's physical instrument in telling the story. As I began to envision a solo exploration of various female stories, the idea of the actor being an "athlete of his emotions", brought a sense of excitement and joyful challenge to the initial process of creating and developing character.

Thanks to the generous support of the University of Colorado Boulder and the Graduate Committee on the Arts and Humanities, I was able to take advantage of a study opportunity where I was able to gain a better understanding of the rasas (emotions) in action and how I might build a performance piece out of that understanding.

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